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Note: This project is dormant - no further updates will be done

gCards is a free PHP-based eCard system that is easy to setup and use. gCards simple Administration Console allows the administrator to upload images (JPEGs of GIFs), add eCard categories, and modify existing settings - no more messing with HTML or PHP to get your eCard site up and running!

  • JPEG and GIF image support
  • User-defined categories
  • WYSIWYG editor for composing eCards (IE 5.5+)
  • Add smilies to eCards
  • Multiple recipients
  • Multiple lanuage support via language files (only English provided)
  • Database access via ADODB library - tested with MySQL
  • Mails URL to recipients to pickup eCard - no messy HTML mail
  • Sender can be notified when recipient picks up eCard (optional)
  • Automatic deletion of old eCards (configurable and optional)
  • Secure Administration Console
    • Image uploading
    • Optional automatic thumbnail generation for JPEGs (Using GD or GD2)
    • Create and edit Site News
    • Category maintenance
  • Easy setup and configuration - get up and running in 10 minutes!
    • Setup script creates Database tables (MySQL)
    • Configuration script contains all gCards options
    • No fancy libraries or packages required - uses PHP's GD or GD2 library
    • Modify look and feel quickly with CSS
  • Great browser support!
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla
    • Netscape 4.7
    • Maybe more! That's all I've tested
Download gCards 1.47

Administration Console Screenshot

Add new eCards and update existing eCards in this intuitive maintenance screen. Other maintenance screens allow administrators to add and update categories and users.

Greg Neustaetter 2003 - 2004