I’ve put up an example page that takes advantage of a number of Scriptaculous features to allow the following:

  • Drag and drop items within a group
  • Drag and drop items between a group
  • Drag and drop groups
  • Create new groups and drag items into the new group

In doing this, I used a couple Scriptaculous features I hadn’t used before:

  • Many of the options in creating sortables to limit where the item could be dropped
  • The Bulider object to create new groups
  • The Sortable.sequence function to get the order of items in a sortable as a JavaScript array

A lot of people have posted comments here asking if there is a way to drag items between lists. Obviously, Scriptaculous has provided this functionality for a long time, but there aren’t many examples out on the web showing how to use it…so my new example page is an attempt to show it off – congrats to Thomas Fuchs for putting together such a useful library that is such a pleasure to use.